HyperSilicon Co.,Ltd is a global leading supplier of FPGA-based prototyping and emulation tools and solutions, HyperSilicon has been dedicated to supplying the most advanced FPGA-based rapid prototype system for 13 years since 2009 and the high performance emulator since 2015. With over 500 customers around the world, our practised engineers and market tested products can deliver high-efficiency solutions for today s innovative SoC/ASIC designs. Most of our stuff are based in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, our headquarters, with sales and support offices in BeiJing, Hefei, Shanghai, Xi’an, Shenzhen, Taiwan in China, and sales reps/partners in Europe, USA, South/East Asia, Japan, to serve our global customers. HyperSilicon has been enthusiasm in accelerating SoC/ASIC design and verification. With a strong alliance with a number of IP vendors, we also provide abundance of proven IPs, VIPs and Transactors for SoC/ASIC design houses. Our mission is to help customers decrease the total-time-to-market of their products.


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