HyperSilicon Releases Hybrid Emulation Based on Its Own Emulator!

Wuxi, China, November 25, 2021 – HyperSilicon Co., Ltd., a leading supplier of FPGA-based prototyping and emulation tools and solutions, releases a critical application of emulation – Hybrid Emulation based on its own emulator. Hybrid emulation is performed where some parts of the system run in the emulator and other parts run in a virtual prototyping. As a byword for early and fast, the technique will be a great assistant to enable early architecture optimization and software development, as well as higher performance for software-driven register-transfer level (RTL) verification.

HyperSilicon provides Hybrid Emulation solutions by combining Qemu tool – the open source virtual prototyping and Semu emulator, and it has been tested to perform well in completing the task of hybrid verification of virtual prototype hardware and embedded software. It provides a more actual and real-time run environment for early architecture optimization, co-development of embedded software and higher performance for RTL emulation, which effectively accelerates the progress of IC design in various fields and the launching of new generation of products.


Main features of HyperSilicon hybrid emulation solution

  ◆ Based on Qemu tool and Semu emulator.

  ◆ Provide a virtual environment, which can verify pre-silicon hardware and embedded software at the same time.

  ◆ Support common bus interfaces such as AMBA to complete software and hardware interaction.

  ◆ Support GPIO and other interrupts.

HyperSilicon Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the research and development of FPGA-based prototyping and emulation tools and solutions in China, and has been focusing on technological breakthroughs in this field for more than a decade. Its hybrid emulation strategies can be deployed at various phases of the development cycle in frontier domains of IC design like automotive electronics, security monitoring, artificial intelligence, digital multi-media, 5G, digital TV, Internet of Things, high-end servers, wireless terminals, etc.

The application is available today, feel free to contact HyperSilicon for application instructions or any technical inquiries at:  hypersilicon@hypersilicon.com.