HyperSilicon Releases It’s Latest Generation of Prototyping System-VeriTiger®-V19P Series!

Wuxi, China, December 22, 2021, at the ICCDA 2021–HyperSilicon Co., Ltd., a leading supplier of FPGA-based prototyping and emulation tools and solutions releases it’s latest generation of prototyping system-VeriTiger®-V19P series.

VeriTiger®-V19P series is the latest generation of prototyping system from HyperSilicon, using Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ XCVU19P FPGA which provides the highest logic density and I/O count on a single device ever built by Xilinx. VeriTiger-V19P series delivers higher performance, faster running speed and more flexible scalability to accelerate software development, system verification and validation. Through the Protowizard® software to manage prototyping runtime resource and Semu® software to deliver highest debug productivity, VeriTiger-V19P series can dramatically reduce the time-to-tapeout (TTT) pressure of digital IC design.


Main Features

  ◆ VeriTiger®-V19P, the single FPGA system, offers 48 million estimated ASIC gates for high-performance IP prototyping and VeriTiger®-QV19P, the 4 FPGAs system offers nearly one billion ASIC gates for advanced SoC prototyping.

  ◆ Provide intelligent tools for easily bring up and to shorten the time of RTL to bitsream. Such as hsSynth, the high speed parallel compile solution, speeds up the synthesis process multiple times. hsPar, the semi-auto partition tool, provides a high performance partition solution for multi-FPGA board, hsTrace, the deep debug tool, deliver a more flexible debugging solution.

  ◆ Rich Connectivity is built in VeriTiger-V19Ps for 100+ ready daughter cards provided by HyperSilicon®. Flexible interfaces deliver high flexibility for clocking, debug and host interface. hsDman, the daughter card management software researched and developmented by HyperSilicon®,  can effectively monitor and manage abundant daughter cards.

  ◆ Can be used as emulator by supporting Semu® software, which is  characterized by blazingly fast verification, unparalleled ease-of-use.

As the complexity of advanced design continues to increase, the cost of development increases accordingly, developers require higher performance and more reliable verification EDA tools. We research and development VeriTiger-V19P series based on the requirements of larger capacity, higher performance, higher reliability from developers, We are confident of it’s excellent performance in shift the development cycle left.

--Dr. zhou, CTO, HyperSilicon

VeriTiger®-V19P series, our latest generation of prototyping system, is designed to meet the needs of larger capacity and higer efficiency of verification platform for today’s larger scale design development. VeriTiger®-V19Ps deliver a leading prototyping solution for large scale cutting-edge design, and it can also be used as a emulator who runs up to 50MHz.

--Daniel Bai, Marketing Director, HyperSilicon

Don't hesitate to email to hypersilicon@hypersilicon.com if you want more infomation about VeriTiger®-V19P series.