Semu Emulator
The growth of the scale and complexity of advanced IC design has brought great challenges to verification. Emulator which runs large-scale RTL designs(DUT) in hardware delivers exponentially higher speed compared to simulators, benefiting from data processing parallelly. More and more development teams choose to deploy emulators to accelerate the verification of large-scale designs. Semu emulator was researched and developmented based on the concept of “emulation performance at simulation price”, It breaks the functional verification bottleneck by delivering the high-speed of FPGA-based emulation without compromising debug visibility and control.

Key Features

Deploys in hours

Simple to get a design into FPGA and seamless to handle everything else

Compile efficiently and start quickly

Provide intelligent tools for easily bring up and to shorten the time of RTL to bitsream

Blazingly fast verification

Clock speeds to 50Mhz and debug iterations happen in minutes not days

Hybrid supported for earlier verification

Dramatically shifts the development cycle to the left, as a byword for early and fast


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