Hybrid Emulation
Hybrid Emulation

Hybrid emulation is performed where some parts of the system run in the emulator and other parts run in a virtual prototyping. As a byword for early and fast, the technique will be a great assistant to enable early architecture optimization and software development, as well as higher performance for software-driven register-transfer level (RTL) verification. HyperSilicon provides Hybrid Emulation solutions by combining Qemu tool – the open source virtual prototyping and Semu emulator, and it has been tested to perform well in completing the task of hybrid verification of virtual prototype hardware and embedded software. It provides a more actual and real-time run environment for early architecture optimization, co-development of embedded software and higher performance for RTL emulation, which effectively accelerates the progress of IC design in various fields and the launching of new generation of products.

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FPGA Prototyping Solution for Image Processing Delivered by VeriTigers!

FPGA prototyping using real sensors and output displayer to provide an intuitive and visual presentation of DUT execution results is the most suitable functional verification means for image processing designs.

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Shiqin LiRockchip Electronics Co., Ltd.

HyperSilicon has been our reliable FPGA based prototyping supplier over the past few years. The requirements of prototyping have grown with the rapid development of the SoC design especially in China, and we deployed more prototyping systems from HyperSilicon with the rapid growth of Rock-Chip. HyperSilicon met almost every needs of our expectations and feedback, and supported our team professional very quickly anytime and wherever.

Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd.

Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd. ("Rockchip", stock code: 603893) established in 2001, is headquartered in Fuzhou, with branches and subsidiaries in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, and Hong Kong. Rockchip is a leading fabless IC design company that focuses on Intelligent IoT.

Rockchip specializes in SoC design, analog circuit chip design, and algorithm research. We have extensive experience in processor and analog-digital mixed chip design, multimedia processing, image algorithm. We have expertise in both Artificial Intelligence and system software development. In addition to processor chips, we also provide full solutions including PMICs, analog-digital mixed chips, optoelectronic products, and development boards.

Rockchip is market-oriented and focuses on technological innovation. It is committed to providing customers with multi-level, multi-platform, multi-scenario professional solutions, empowering consumer electronics, intelligent hardware, computer vision, commercial/industrial applications, and other fields.

Mr.Matthias NeumannFujitsu Semiconductor Limited

We chose HyperSilicon's prototyping platform for our DTV SoC development project as they provided an all-in-one prototyping tool kits, which provided us with a full digital design verification solution. HyperSilicon's prototyping solutions have helped us save months of development time, it allows us to run our designs at high speed and enables the earlier development of software.

Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

Fujitsu uses technology to make happier lives, Fujitsu is a global leader in technology and business solutions that transform organizations and the world around us. Fujitsu has a long heritage of bringing innovation and expertise, continuously working to contribute to the growth of society and their customers.

Jiaquan XuHaier(Beijing) IC Design Co., Ltd.

Over the past five years, we have deployed more than 60 FPGA based prototyping systems from HyperSilicon. Their practised engineers are so professional to response our any requirements in time, their prototyping boards played an important role in the verification of our many projects and accelerate the development cycle of our new generation of products significantly.

Haier(Beijing) IC Design Co., Ltd.

Haier Group, founded in 1984, is a fortune 500 company and the fourth largest white goods manufacturer in the world. Beijing Haier IC Design Co., Ltd. is a professional IC enterprise invested by Haier Group, and is the only video and audio chip design company. Our company was founded in June, 2000, located in Beijing Zhongguancun High-tech Park, the company's R&D personnel accounted for 80%, the company's initial products to digital TV set-top box chips, gradually developed to codec, multimedia, network and other products, since 2003, the first chip market, has sold more than 200 million. It has made great contributions to the development of Digital TV in China and won the first Prize of National Science and Technology Progress in 2017.

After 2013, the company decided to take smart home as the direction, and developed on a platform. It has advanced multiple product lines, including set-top box, smart display, high-end display, 5G coaxial broadband access and digital audio broadcasting, providing core integrated circuits, complete machine solutions and application software for intelligent and better life.

At present, the company has completed the development of several product lines, and created dozens of application products with downstream partners. Beijing Haier hopes to strengthen cooperation with upstream and downstream customers for common development.